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Crosshair Config

Enable to expand.


Enable to expand.

Jump Throw Bind

Makes grenade set ups requiring jump-throws much more reliable. Equip the grenade and tap the jump-throw key to execute the perfect jump throw.

Nade Crosshair

A second crosshair on a keypress with elongated lines to make lining up grenade throws much easier.

  Nade Crosshair requires a regular crosshair is configured above.

Teammate Location Indicator

Enable to show the teammate indicator (▽) through walls, giving their location.

Team Equipment

Hold a key to see what equipment your teammates have at any time, displayed above their heads.

Scroll Jump

Makes B-Hopping easier as you can jump by scrolling.

  • Simple - Scrolling causes you to jump.
  • Hybrid - Clicking the scrollwheel swaps between inventory scrolling & jumping.


Shows your FPS and Ping as well as some other useful stats.

Choose to show the netgraph always, or when you press tab.

Changelog | v0.2.5 (Updated: 2017-11-30)